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Finally we decided...

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PSYKS 2nd compilation The compilation will be goatrance style of psytrance music with deep emotional melodies! If you want to be considered for this compilation do not hesitate to send us your demo tracks.

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" A place in our brain that hosts a connection between the body and spirit "

Lucid is a name that associates our thoughts with juggling performances locally, regionally and internationally

Juggling Performances

Lucid is the only local organization that does all sort of juggling performances, organizes different workshops for children and in this way contributes to a happier future of all upcoming generations. Check them out lucid@myspace



please, give us the honour, and have a look at Panda's profile on myspace


Psyks Audio



As an organization that mainly fosters psychedelic trance culture, PSYKS was established at the end of 2004. With the biggest wish to expand the passion for this kind of music and everything that has to do with it, the organization itself got transpired*.

The initial role of that time was to make parties, expand this new creative way of thinking which reflected to many events. The clouded mission of ours became clearer as time passed by and people started realizing that there's more of "everything" on our gatherings. To us, the key role were the people that we always wanted to make happy by spending their time and space in harmony on all of our happenings so we could deepen our knowledge of Psychedelic Trance in the community.

This was our kismet, fate or destiny, call it what you want.


as for the vision...


We have to be honest that our hearts have always ticked for strengthening local artists in order to accomplish one of our goals, which is to promote them in the best way obtainable. This would never be possible without the intellectual commitment of our target group, from which we expected to get enough feedback and positive vibes for our artists, who desperately needed this kind of motive so that they could move on with their lunatic journeys.

Their path to a respectable future is being felt and we are all happy with their results.


Finally, PSYKS thanks all of you who supported our activities, hoping that the joy, love, music, and this way of thinking is endless.

*Transpire means to come, to be known or come to light.